Integrative Therapeutic Healing Center
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Wailuku, Maui, HI

Site Under Maintainance 3/3/21

Ancient inspired healing treatments orchestrated through modern technique for protective & preventive health options.

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Nur’ish only uses certified equipment and licensed practitioners for the highest quality of sanitation and comfort.

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Health intake forms and release waivers are conveniently available for our patients to complete online through our website

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About Us

Nur’ish is a devoted therapeutic center for natural medicine joining physical and spiritual divinity. Our sacred practice of avant-garde bio cellular therapies are inspired by sovereign ancient healing treatments orchestrated through a modern technique. Nur’ish provides exquisite health options for protective and preventative care using the highest quality of equipment for sanitation and comfort.

We honor our divine culture and community by collaborating both innovative and traditional procedures only administered by highly trained practitioners. A metier of healing modalities brilliantly immersed with pure, natural and organic treatments by surrounding the physical sovereign being and assisting to maintain, balance and detoxify. We bridge a connection to the community with therapy treatments, health education and goods for personal conscious choices

A natural medicine culture for today’s physical and spiritual divinity. Please understand your responsibility and constitutional right to choose your treatments; we do not diagnose treat or prescribe. We offer educational information to help you plan and cooperate with your doctor on your life and health path

Colon Irrigation known as Colonics or Colon Hydrotherapy. Medicinal use of natural elements, oils, herbs, clays and minerals. Cupping Therapy, Ionic Balancing & Detoxification. Medical Grade Aesthetic Skin Treatments & Permanent Hair Reduction. Reconstructive Medical Cosmetic Revision for many conditions on the face and body including Breast Surgery Revision, Trauma or Scar Revision and Hair Follicle Simulation.

I hereby wish your soul the most pleasant journey for coming into awareness of its divinity.

I invite peace, love, aloha & rainbows to you.


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