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Skin & Hair Therapy

Velvet IPL

IPL also called Flash or Photoflash is an advanced medical grade technology procedure. Our commercial grade system accompanied by skills and experience allow each client to receive distinct and specific attention for their requirements. By providing versatile therapies and combining treatments you are able to enhance your results.

Pulsed Light is not a Laser, rather a light treatment on the skin for hair and ingrown hair reduction. Scar revision, skin rejuvenation and other various conditions have excellent results. Effects seen are minimized pores, blemishes, uneven skin tone, fine lines and more. The flash pleasantly stimulates cell renewal and increases collagen production that results in a smooth velvet appearance of your skin.

IPL is different and generally has no side effects. A slight mild pinkness of the skin may occur but is usually rare and will pass quickly. This allows you to immediately return to your normal activities after your appointment. Appointments are easy and usually fit well in between your schedule; depending on the number of areas treated on the body. Anesthetic to numb sensitive areas is available if you choose. Nur’ish uses approved registered machines by (USA) FDA (EUROPE) CE and USA Board Certified Licensed Practitioners.

For Your Best Results:

  • Health History is required for all clients safety and your protection.
  • Skin evaluation and patch testing required on skin.
  • Skin must be bare, free of make up and any moisturizer prior to procedure.
  • Suggested discontinue use of highly chemical products prior and during treatments.
  • Post procedure it is recommended to moisturize and you may apply make-up as usual.
  • Use of hair removal creams / sprays pose a risk due to keratinocytes which kill the keratin cells making skin vulnerable to Pulsed Light Treatment.
  • Consult and discuss any skin topical products currently in use to determine any possible contraindications.
  • Deodorant build up can block the light significantly due Aluminum Oxide a chemical residue left behind. As a general guide, a greenish or brownish tint from metallic substances may affect treatment.
  • If planning to tattoo, it is recommended to achieve desired I P L results first of the canvas area prior to tattooing. This will benefit your tattoo artwork.
  • My Duty included with treatments is a meticulous consultation. There is no additional fees added to your procedure unless approved and signed by you.
  • Lifetime Price, the first price you pay is locked in. Pay the same price for your first and future sessions on the specific treatment location area.
    • Pay Each Procedure As Needed
    • No Pre-Pay
    • Multiple treatment area pricing available * See Details*
    • No Contracts
IPL Face Fee’s
Lip $45
Cheeks $55
Chin $55
Jawline $65
Neck $125
Lip, Chin & Jawline $145
Lip & Neck $155
Lip & Chin $85
Full Face $195
Full Face & Neck $285
IPL Upper Body Fee’s
Under Arms $100
Hands $55
Forearms Optional Hands $175
Top Shoulders $165
Wings & Top of Shoulders $225
Lower Navel Belly $85
Stomach & Above Navel Belly $165
Chest $265
Chest & Belly Combo $375
Areolas Nipples $75
Lumbar Lower Back $160
Upper Back, Shoulders & Wings $310
Full Back & Shoulders
(Not Obliques & Deltoids)
Full Back, Shoulders & Deltoids $395
Full Bum, Back, Shoulders
& Deltoids
Full Bum, Back, Shoulders,
Deltoids, Chest, Belly, Obliques
IPL Lower Body Fee’s
Ladies Lower Legs Feet & Toes $260
Ladies Full Legs $575
Men Full Leg $675
Bum Crease $165
Full Bum Gluteus & Crease $245
Full Bum & Lumbar $325
Ladies Bikini $135
Ladies Bikini & Under Arms $225
Ladies Bikini & Lower Navel $185
Inner Thigh Add to Bikini or Brazilian $75
Ladies G Bikini $165
Ladies G Bikini & Under Arm $245
Ladies Brazilian Including Labia $275
Ladies Brazilian & Under Arm $355
Ladies Brazilian & Lower Navel $330
Ladies Brazilian, Lower Navel
& Under Arms
Men Speedo $195
Men Boy Short Bikini $265
Men Brazilian & Bum Crease $445
Men Brazilian & Full Bum $585