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Far Infrared Dry / Wet Therapy

Females and Males can receive Natural Medicinal Far Infrared Dry / Wet Purification Therapy; this method of energy is transmitted via anus and genital organs with a “Dry” or “Wet” procedure. A treatment that effectively cleanses, tones and revitalizes the human center. A private session using individualized minerals, herbs, botanicals, oils and other natural medicinals to enhance your unique session. Sessions range 45-90 minutes depending on your unique blend of treatment needs.

Medicinal materials are heated or steamed toward genitals and anus; the fumes and steam from the medicinal materials extracts bodily waste and assists with regulating hormone function and production. Our methods include protocols that stimulate anti-oxidization, detoxify and purify the body systems without harm. Advantages from detailed studies indicate possible health and complimentary medical benefits from Natural Medicine. Females have reported favorable results for the womb and vagina pre-pregnancy and after birth.

Studies on ancient natural medicinal treatments have found the following:

  1. Sterilization & Infection: directly affecting genital area and organs; not limited to vaginal itching, eczema, vaginitis, colpitis mycotica, candida, uterine myoma, cystitis and more.
  2. Pain: relief by promoting blood and lymph circulation around lower abdominal region. Reported to help with menstrual cycles and pains, leukorrhea, lower abdominal pain, cold hands and feet, back pain and neuralgia.
  3. Anti-inflammatory: effects, alleviating inflammation, assisting with the function of endocrine system; it is effective for anus matters, bladder infections and prostate.
  4. Recovery: medicinal materials contain components that increase white blood cells, assist recovery of cell regeneration and include regeneration of skin cells.
  5. Nutrition: herbs, minerals, cineol, amylase and various vitamins, providing nutrients to the body absorbed by the skin and improving the skin elasticity.
  6. Fat: by promoting blood circulation of lower abdomen and removing waste or fat accumulated which is effective against abdomen obesity in some cases.
  7. Contraction: as postnatal care for contraction of the reproductive system including cervix, uterus or womb and vagina.
  8. Beauty: treatment of endocrine hormones, reported to alleviate blemishes, spots, pimples and freckles. It is also very good to improve allergic skin.

Natural Medicine Treatment

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Far Infrared Wet / Dry Purification

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