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Reconstructive Cosmetics

Permanent & Reconstructive Cosmetics

We depend on our skin throughout our lives, amazingly the largest organ that keeps everything together inside of us and reflects an outer appearance as well. Skin rewards us by recording the lives we have led and the people we love. Skin is more than just an organ, more than just protection from our environment. Skin is a reflection and expression of the self.

Starting with the origins of skin and the origins of tattoo dating back to ancient times. Skin marking for both Male and Female uses the method of implanting color pigments into the skin. This technique is used by many cultures for therapeutic, medicinal, protective, magical and spiritual applications. Tahitian, Viking Cultures, Egyptian and African cultures all contributed to permanent cosmetics.

My specialization of Permanent & Reconstructive Cosmetic procedures include areola reconstruction, scar revision, skin camouflage, trauma or injury revision, hair follicle simulation and reconstruction of other abnormalities of the skin. I am also certified, advanced trained and experienced in semi-permanent make-up enhancement applications of the eyebrows, lips, eyeliner, and lash enhancement. Semi-permanent cosmetics are an excellent compliment to other aesthetic procedures.

Our skin and brain are deeply connected and just as the dermal fingerprint each individual is exclusively unique in their biology and preferences. At Nur’ish our procedures are properly applied with detailed and specific application to evaluate each and every individuals skin anatomy & physiology, biology, genetics, color pigment and skin tone combination. Hygiene, sanitation, disinfection, sterilization and asepsis are given the highest priority to ensure your well being and ours.

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